Walnut Park Middle School-School of Social Justice/School of Advanced Studies

Mission Statement

Mission and Vision


Our mission and vision for the School of Social Justice and Service-Learning (SJS-L) at Walnut Park is founded on the belief that every student should be prepared for and have the choice to attend a college-career program. We believe learning is constructed through personal relationships among students and teachers, students and students, and students and parents/community. These relationships encourage the learner to embrace the home language and culture, respect others from diverse cultures, and fully integrate into the global community through social responsibility and service. At School of Social Justice and Service-Learning at Walnut Park, we fully believe that in order for our students to abundantly participate as 21st century global citizens and to compete in a global economy, they must acquire the skills to access college/career programs as outlined in The Partnership for 21st Century Skills framework: critical thinking and problem solving; communication and technology; collaboration; creativity and innovation; and core knowledge.

At the School of Social Justice and Service-Learning at Walnut Park our mission is to ensure students are college-ready when they have the skills, knowledge, and behaviors to complete a college course of study successfully and without remediation. Our purpose is to create a student-centered learning environment which ensures young people are ready for college-career programs. Our educational agenda aims to provide meaningful, manageable, and measureable education for our students.